The Jack of All Trades – The Last Men and Women Standing in the 21st Century

The success stories of the 21st Century won’t be about men and women that master a specific skill or craft. Modern success is about learning many skills and working as a team to achieve a goal.


Business in the 21st Century requires someone skilled in their craft to not only understand the principles of his or her trade but to also be adept in the principles of business, web design, blogging, photography, teaching, video, event planning, social media management, team management, relationship building and how all of this comes together.

As businesses become more streamlined it is no longer practical to hire multiple people to fulfill the single need of content creation and management.

The public has been pampered with the rosy projection of unemployment numbers going up but what is happening under the surface is the reality of the jobs that are being filled and the men and women that are no longer considered unemployed because their time ran out.

Jobs for unskilled workers are currently plentiful. In the not so distant future these jobs will be filled by machines that can be more efficient with less overhead.

The men and women that possess a unique skill are a valuable part of the workforce because they provide a service a large percentage of the public is unable to do.

These skills were in higher demand in the not so distant past when equipment was expensive and training was costly but in the modern age of information, affordability and user friendly equipment anybody can train themselves to be an average videographer, photographer, social media manager or web designer.

The men and women that are able to harness all of these skills into a business plan will be in the highest demand.


Do you want to be replaceable or do you want to be valued beyond waiting for someone to hire you for full time work?


You’re Doing Social Media Wrong!

In an age of buzzwords and endless social media advice sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees.

Conventional wisdom has convinced the public it’s pretty numbers that measure the success of social media campaigns but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The name of the game is and has always been engagement.  feed-the-beast

With the emergence of payment programs from social media gatekeepers it has created a marketplace where paying to collect fans and followers will cost businesses and individuals 10x more to reach target audiences than a consistent marketing plan focused on engagement.

To understand the problem look back to the iconic 90’s song “More Money More Problems”

If you’re marketing plan is to feed the beast you built by paying for it instead of building it you’re doing social media wrong.

Quality content not only builds numbers on fan pages but but it also cultivates an active audience that will share your brand with their friends, family, co-workers and network.

Social media networks are meant to be built from the ground up with an ongoing conversation.

Social Media Networks are also meant to be maintained by continuously engaging with your fans and followers by way of quality content that will help your brand grow.

The conversation could be in the form of tweets, posts, memes, blogs, pictures or video but it has to come from the heart of the business or individual and not the pocketbook.

The measure of a successful social media marketing campaign is in the impact it has on consumers and not how many pretty numbers are on a page compared to another.

Conventional Wisdom doesn’t always get it right. It is up to us as individuals and business owners to make the right decisions for our marketing strategies.

2015: The Year of Content

Survival in the 21st Century is dependent on your understanding of content.

Content is the fire that sparked money making opportunities for mommy bloggers across the world. These new media entrepreneurs are now making lucrative salaries by sharing their lives with millions of followers on social media networks.

Content was the catalyst for backpack journalists that seized the opportunity to purchase affordable equipment and utilize new media tools to cover the stories traditional media was missing.


Content is the next stage in the internet revolution.

To understand the value of content we must start by understanding how it works.

Blogs, videos, photos, MEMES, posts, updates, tweets and anything else that fills space on digital media platforms are considered content.

The social media marketplace is already flooded with picture and word content but very little has been done with the endless possibilities that come with quality video.

Quality video content can transform a faceless narrative into a deep connection because of the power that comes with face to face interaction.

Consistent video content that tells a story will build an audience that visits your social media pages to engage and be entertained.

The point that is frequently missed with content is the need to have a strategy. A strategy that is about bringing consumers to your product as opposed to shoving a product down their throats.

For a Realtor it’s engaging in a weekly conversation with consumers about the beautiful homes that are available for sale.

For a restaurant, this means visually stunning your audience with the delicious food your restaurant has to offer.

For a medical professional it’s engaging in a conversation with the public about the latest health recommendations and innovations in the industry.

In the fitness industry, it’s engaging with your audience about simple workout tips that can be performed at home, in the office or at the gym.

It is important for an individual to understand how simple it is to become a content creator in a field that was once considered impossible to break into without the right connections.

For a business, subject matter expert or professional it is crucial to understand the need to be a content creator or have one on staff.

There was a time when business owners were told that they needed to advertise. Some didn’t and they are no longer in business.

In the not so distant past, decision makers were presented with the need to build a website, have a social media platform and network with other professionals.

Some people embraced the need for change and have thrived. Others have failed to adapt and have suffered for their lack of effort.

Businesses and individuals that embrace content creation and utilize the tools correctly will reap the rewards.



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